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Instructions for using the sunshade



1. Clean the window and the static film side of the sun blind

2. Rub the transparent film of the sun visor with your hand to give static charge

3. Apply the sunshade to the side of the static film and use light pressure to make it adhere to the window


How to store it in its case?

1. Place both sides of the film on top of each other

2. Turn sideways 180 ° to form two circular ends

3. Fold the two ends together and then shape the folded sunshade

4. Place it in the bag provided for storage


To ensure a perfect fit, please clean the glass thoroughly and rub the transparent film of the sunshade with your hand to give static charge.


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Birth List

Each hospital, before giving birth, will provide you with a list of things to put in your suitcase: each facility will have its preferences, so you will have to strictly follow their instructions.

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Total Protection

Total Protection Children, especially children, are particularly exposed to the harmful effects of UV rays, which favors sunburn and the penetration of UV radiation in depth.

What mothers and fathers say about Lovabear

Beautiful and really cute colors! Very easy to assemble and very comfortable without the suction cup! In 1 year I received 2 emails but all very useful! I recommend them! ☺️


Perfect as a measure, they stick very well to the glass and protect from the sun’s rays, I appreciated the advice that Sara from Lovabear gave me!

C. M.

Really a great buy! I was skeptical that they remained attached to the window not having suction cups, but I changed my mind. Great customer service


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